Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting back on the horse

 Above are open life studies from the week. I'm trying not to model the paint on the canvas as much.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Portrait Exchange

Last August I attended a painting workshop and happened to work next to Irv Rudley, who I had met at a previous Portrait Society of America conference. He kindly asked if he could paint my portrait and by the end of the week it came about that we were going to do a portrait exchange. The 2011 PSA conference was set as the point of exchange. So, a week and a half for me to finish Irv's portrait! He was on the ball and had mine completed last September. It is pictured above with my rough start to his. I reused another canvas, so you see another little face peeking out from below. I'll post the final portrait. * Final portraits and exchange pictured above*

Attempting the landscape

I went out for about an hour this morning and attempted to paint a little landscape study. I accidentally left my mineral spirits at home, ran out of yellow paint, and swiped the painting on my pants on the way back to the car, BUT I got out there and I'll do it again! Everything seemed so green and I think I may have pushed other colors too much trying to compensate. Also, in trying to keep colors rich, I didn't achieve a strong feeling of light for fear of sacrificing color for lighter values. Lots to learn, but I had fun.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Embracing color

I've posted more drawings as of late, having gotten a little skittish of color especially in skin tones. So, today during a lesson, I devoted one hour to this still life and just had fun with color. I didn't model the paint at all, just threw strokes of color on the canvas. It felt good and I plan to keep these little color celebrations up.

Out and about


We live near UGA's farmland and I've been meaning to get out and paint the baby lambs for weeks now. So, Sunday was the day. I trekked through the field with paints and easel in tow and for some reason thought the little sheep would just lazily be sunning and let me get a tiny painting done. Ha! Constant grazing and scampering. I have 5 pages of 15 second lamb studies. It was fun to get out of the studio and switch things up though. Maybe I'll attempt the miniature ponies next. They seemed a little more settled!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the hunt. . . for models

I used to get apprehensive about approaching strangers to model for me, but I've had such meaningful experiences getting to know my subjects in life and through paint, I don't hesitate to ask now. They could decline, but usually they're flattered and interested. Above is Drew Carman of The Corduroy Road, local Athens bluegrass band. I'd been thinking about a portrait of him for awhile and we met last week. Painting another type of artist doing his craft appealed to me. Check out TCR here: music or video I also went on a model search downtown with Alyssa. One of our favorite finds was Mr. Wilson of Wilson Styling Shop next door to Wilson Soul Food featured by Oprah! He's been working there for 50 years and was so kind to us. I enjoyed watching Alyssa, who is currently enrolled in a cosmetology program herself, 'talk shop' with the boys. 
So we'll see what comes from these encounters. I'll keep you updated!

Mr. Stattelman

Posted above is a posthumous charcoal portrait. I worked from the black and white photograph on his funeral bulletin. Although, I never met Arthur Stattelman, I was glad that his son gave me this from which to work. I enjoyed reading about the accomplishments in his life,  jobs, interests, and family, before I began drawing. It seems Mr. Stattelman made the most of his 92 years and I'm glad I could be a part of paying tribute to a life well lived.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I went over to a fellow artist's home this week and we had a friend from her church come sit for us. I had seen pictures of Rita, admired her beautiful hair, and insisted that it be captured in a portrait. Over lunch, I learned that the last time she had her hair done, she was there for 5 hours! So, I tried my best to do it justice. I"m enjoying drawing very much, but continue to work on a few paintings . Hopefully, they will be ready to post soon.