Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Portrait in Watercolor

Weekend before last, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Robert Liberace's workshop in Raleigh. I had a wonderful time per usual in Rob's classroom. Day one, we started out working in graphite and my sketches are pictured. Watching Rob demo again after some time, I saw that I should try to animate my lines a bit more. I also hatched more than shaded as I built up tone.  Day Two, we worked monochromatically in watercolor and ink as we eased into the wet media. We started with a graphite drawing and then began adding washes. By Day Three, we felt a little more confident to start playing with color.  I don't often work with watercolor, so I need to work on my control of it, but it was so much fun! To top the weekend off I won the lottery to bring home one of Robert's demos! How lucky am I? It is the final watercolor below of the model, Charis, adorned with scarf and hat. I really enjoyed the efficiency of the washes in achieving the values quickly and I plan to keep experimenting.