Saturday, July 16, 2011


I enjoyed resuming model sessions at OCAF on Tuesday. We have not met as often since I have been fortunate enough to have lots of unexpected travel opportunities present themselves this summer. In fact, tomorrow morning, I'm returning to Studio Incamminati for the two week painting intensive workshop. Hooray for scholarship money and kind friends giving me a place to stay. So excited to spend more time in the classroom!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A perfect way to end the week

After our last class, I was able to go spend a few hours at the Philadelphia Museum of Art because they close late on Friday evenings. I was most excited to see this portrait by Mancini. Absolutely stunning.

Part 3-The Final Painting

 After doing a half a dozen thumbnails, we chose the best and worked on our grisaille. We then worked to get our best estimate of the colors down all over the canvas to see how they were working together. (Referencing our color studies was helpful at this stage and Studio Incamminati's large palette was helpful in achieving the range of colors I saw.) Over time, we fine tuned the colors as we developed the forms. I could have used another day, but felt pretty pleased with how far I was able to take the painting. I so enjoyed being in a classroom for a week!

Part 2-Color Studies

Our next step was to execute some color studies with palette knives. The figure shown on the left was my plan of attack for the painting I worked on for the remainder of the week. I also made sure to have Robin work with me on color harmony! and during one lunch break, I did two quick studies of the same paper towel roll under a halogen bulb with a cool blue gel over it, then removed it and attempted it again with the warm light. I did as Robin instructed and divided my time thinking about the local colors of the objects and the quality of the source light which provides the harmony. I hope to start my painting days with one of the studies from now on and really improve the way I see and mix color.

Part 1- Oil Painting- The Figure

I'm back in Athens and what a great week I had! In the first portion of the workshop with Robin Frey, we painted and wiped out tons of quick gestures ranging from 1 minute to 20 minutes. Pictured are two demos by Robin.