Monday, August 1, 2011

Studio Incamminati, Round 2

Another two weeks of studying at Studio Incamminati under my belt. Even better than the first visit! We went through a condensed version of their four year curriculum during the intensive. I don't have much to show for the first couple of days because we did tons of quick gestures that we promptly wiped out. Eventually, we moved into closed grisailles. An example is pictured below.

Then color study time! We tackled a still life under both warm and cool light, then moved on to the figure. This portion was especially fun because Nelson Shanks came in and did a demo for us.

The second week I worked on the long pose below. We spent a lot of time planning, so I sketched 6 thumbnails then painted two others before I settled on the composition.

In the evenings, after class, I worked on a still life. I tried my best to finish it in person, but will have to finish it up from a photo.

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