Sunday, January 23, 2011

Michelle in Progress

Here is the actual portrait for which I posted the sketch earlier this week. I am about three days in with lots more to go, but wanted to update everyone on the progress. Today, I have done a fairly thick coat on the background with a palette knife (which I rarely use!).  Then I used a brush to etch in the design and while it is still wet, I'll work in some color. Ideally, I will get as much done as I can before it dries in order for the print to feel fully incorporated and give the look I'm striving to achieve. With it being so wet, it was hard to get a great picture, but you get the general idea.

In the updated picture above, I'm continuing to work on the background and dress this week and looking forward to addressing the face and figure to make everything feel more cohesive. The actual dress is iridescent, so I think I'll experiment with a gold or bronze oil paint, which I haven't used before.

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